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Cam carried on. "So let's review the facts. You bought an island to run a summer camp."

He clapped his hands. "Yes! I want to breathe new life into this island."

"Delusional," Maddie said, resting her cheek in her hand. "Or perhaps premature dementia."

"Facts. Let's stay with the facts. Dad, you're a smart fellow. You've always drilled due diligence into us. So, what is the reason this island is bankrupt?"

"Thank you, Cam, for your vote of confidence."

"Confidence?" He sat there looking pleased as punch with himself. Did he not understand how serious this was? "I'm not giving you a vote of confidence, Dad. I'm right there with Maddie. I'm worried you're losing it."

Dad frowned. "Not losing anything." He tapped his forehead. "It's all still here. As for why this island needs our help. It has a declining population. All the young people have left for greener pastures."

"There might be a good reason for that." Cam tried to keep her voice calm and reasonable.

"Yes, but that's going to change."


"I have big plans for this island. Big plans. And girls, you're part of this project."

All three girls jumped out of their seats, interrupting each other with objections. "No way!" "Not a chance." "I'm not moving to a deserted island!"

"Girls, calm down! Calm down and sit down."

Slowly, they eased back into their chairs, eyeing him suspiciously.

"I told you that I have big plans. Good plans. This will be a great thing for each one of you, I promise. All good."

Cam folded her arms across her chest. "You can't expect us to uproot our lives to help you run a summer camp."

"Hold on. I understand that. You've each got your own interests. Cam, you've got your career on track."

"More than just on track, Dad. Did you not read that Wall Street Journal article I forwarded you? Everyone wants our technology. You can't believe the buyout offers the CEO is getting." She lifted a finger in the air. "Not to worry! Evan's promised everyone the company won't be sold. He says he can't be bought."

Dad shifted in his seat. "And Maddie is trying to find an internship."

Maddie nodded vigorously. "Lots of options brewing."

"Anything nailed down yet?" Cam said.

"Not quite yet." Maddie stiffened her back at Cam's question. "Close, though. And of course there's Tre to consider."

As if on cue, everyone groaned. "You're still with Tre?" Blaine said.

Maddie frowned. "Of course we're still together. What's wrong with Tre?"

"Oh, where to start?" Blaine said. "Maybe . . . his name."

"There's nothing wrong with his name. Thompson Robinson Smith the Third. I think it's dignified."

"When I first met him," Blaine said, "I figured Tre was a nick name for a guy who regretted getting stuck with three last names. But oh no! It's for the Third."

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